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February 12, 2017

#Justthetip Fitness Tips, Top 10 reads of the week!

                                   #Justthetip Top 10 reads of the week!!!

Grab a cup of coffee, or two, and get ready to get your brain loaded with awesome insight from some of the best in the fitness world!

  1. Benjamin Matthews Johnson gives us 3 simple steps to eating what we want.
  2. Here Laura Schoenfeld (via GirlsGoneStrong) shows us how to get fat loss moving after we have hit a plateau.
  3. Brian Grasso & Carrie Campbell help us stop with the procrastinating, and it’s a video so you don’t even have to give the effort to read.
  4. The legendary Greg Justice gives us a quick thought on balance within our emotions and life.
    https://gregjustice.com/let-positive-and-negative-feelings-co-exist/  and here is a quick link to Hugh Mackay’s Book – “The Good Life” , if you are interested…..
  5. Precision Nutrition talks about good stress, bad stress and in the process dominates the infographic game, check it out.
  6. Nia Shanks crushing it again with some great advice for my ladies over 40 about strength training, which is a super important time to be training.
  7. Have you ever seen someone in the gym doing a crazy balancing exercise on a BOSU? While their intentions were good, there is a better way to train for stability and Megan Callaway (via Dr John Rusin) shows us how.
  8. The dude, Eric Bach, provides a massive amount of information and knowledge in his top ten fat loss secrets. Be ready to absorb a ton of fat loss know how.
  9. Another legend makes the list this week, as Charles Staley helps us clear up the differences between what we think matters and what actually does matter.
  10. While I feel that everyone can benefit from hiring a personal trainer at some point in their training lifespan, Brad Borland goes over 6 important signs that maybe you have hired the wrong trainer.


That’s the list for this week! I hope you enjoy the reading and if there is anything you would like to learn more about, please feel free to drop me a comment, text or email and I will be happy to research for you!


February 5, 2017

Best Reads of the Week, for 2/5/17

#Justthetip Fitness Tips, Best Reads of the week

Superbowl Sunday is here!!! So everything must be SUPER! Including my Best Reads list….

I decided that 3 little articles weren’t enough for you. I want to get as much quality information to you as possible, so the list has grown! 10 Articles each week!!! Trying to contain my excitement over here! Let’s dig into this weeks list.

1) Dr John Rusin gives us plenty of variations for loaded carries. This ties in with my movement video series that I posted last week.


2) Emily ledford tells us what “toned” really means and how you can get the look you want.


3) Here Bret Contreras dispels some common myths about training the glutes. Get that booty tight!


4) Considering it IS Superbowl Sunday, Let’s learn from Precision Nutrition about everyone’s favorite fat, the avocado


5) Elsbeth Vaino and the ladies at Girls Gone Strong give us 7 great core exercises to help strengthen your core for running, if you are getting ready for a 5k or your first big run or maybe the Gate River Run, fit these into your program

6) Jack Purdom does some basic math for us, not that new crazy math, and helps us simplify fat loss.

7) When trying to lose weight/get healthy/do something outside our norm, family and friends can be an amazing support system……and they can also be the biggest hurdle. This article by Georgie Fear gives us an idea of how to get them on your side.

8) Kourtney Thomas (via Tony Gentilcore) gives some insight as to why less is sometimes NOT more in women’s strength training.


9) Dean Somerset on why weight loss isn’t a race. If you have been on a weight loss plan for a few weeks, a few months or even a few years, go over this article and realize you are still on track.

10) Watch this……


That’s all for this week guys! Look for this week’s video series with #Justthetip, I will be covering all things pushing!! Get excited!!!

January 30, 2017

***#Justthetip Fitness Tips, Top 3 Articles for the week of 1/29***

***#Justthetip Fitness tips Top 3 Articles of the week!***
First up, the gang at Precision Nutrition gives us an article that I think most can relate to, and if you take your training seriously, you should know the effects drinking can have on you.
 Next up, Dr. John Rusin tells us the importance of the 6 foundational movements that we ALL need….(funny, I think I did a video series that works perfectly with this.)
Finally, Benjamin Matthews Johnson gives us a fantastic read on ending unhealthy relationships with fitness and how to fix them and ” make the magic happen”
Please enjoy these great articles and have a fabulous week!!!
January 23, 2017

***Top 3 Fitness Articles for the week of 1/22/2017***


Sorry for the late post my friends….Championship Sunday got me like…..well you know. So without further ado…

Think cardio is just for fat loss?? John Rusin shows us how certain forms of cardio can help build lean muscle.


Next up, Krista Scott-Dixon gives us the one question you need to be asking yourself. Are you asking it?


Finally, Amy Dix helps debunk a super nutritional buzz word…..see what I did there? Ha!


Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

January 16, 2017

Top 3 Fitness articles for the week of 1/15/2017

Here are this weeks articles!
First, we have another great one from Nia Shanks – Lift Like a Girl, as she gives us 10 reasons why every woman should be strength training (Spoiler alert!! They probably aren’t what you think.)


Next up, its Lee Boyce dispelling some myths and showing how the deadlift can solve some very specific female postural issues.


Finally, Mike Zimmerman (via Born Fitness) gives us a glimpse into a somewhat taboo, unaddressed issue of male eating disorders and their place in athletics.


Enjoy the reading!!

As always please feel free to ask questions, give feedback and let me know what you want to hear about next week!!!!

January 9, 2017

Top 3 fitness articles for the week of 1/8

                                           ***This week’s Top 3 Fitness articles***

Done with watching football?…………Good! Start reading!
This week’s collection includes Lou Schuler helping us decide which gym to invest your hard earned money in, Nia Shanks – Lift Like a Girl on why most people fall short of achieving their goals and how you can avoid the same fate, and a short, but powerful, talk from Kelly Coffey about the first minutes of your day and what they mean.




Enjoy the reading.

Stay warm.
As always, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email – Patrick@Murphyfit.com or just text me directly @904-254-7619

December 17, 2016

Control the controlables!



                                    Control the Controllables

You can’t control everything. We live in trying times with many stresses. Let me offer a simple thought that will help you take back some peace and sanity:

Control what you can control.

Take ownership of things you are personally responsible for…and let all the other things go.

Why waste time and energy and increase stress levels about things you can’t control.

Focus instead on the things you can control.

Your Activity and Fitness Level

Are you moving often? Do you walk for 20-30 mins a day? If you sit at work for extended periods of time, do you get up and stretch every hour?
If you are currently training, are you getting in at least 2-3 total body training sessions in per week? Activity of any kind is a fantastic stress reliever and it is important that you take time to schedule it into your day. Do you need some structure and direction in your exercise program?

I can help. http://murphyfit.com/

Your Nutrition
Are you taking in high-quality, nutrient dense foods? Are you drinking plenty of water? Letting hydration slip even slightly can result in decreased brain function, feeling tired and headaches.


Do I even need to get into the science behind the term, Hangry??

We all know what it means and when it comes, food must be consumed immediately or someone might get hurt.

Let’s not let it get to that point if we can help it. Eat sensible meals throughout the day. Drink a glass or bottle of water every two hours or so and help keep yourself in control of your emotions.

Do you need help putting together a nutrition plan for your needs? I can help. http://murphyfit.com/


How You Choose to React to Other People

This may be the most important factor in reducing stress. If someone’s Facebook post upset you, just keep scrolling. Let it go. Look for a cute dog video instead. Is the person driving in front of you going 10mph below the speed limit Take a deep breath, pass them, and smile.

Ask yourself what an Internet battle or road rage incident would accomplish.

All that negative energy that could be used for good, positive, productive activities.

Always ask yourself:
Will my action improve this situation? Or will it complicate and escalate the situation?

What You Can’t Control

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are the things you CANNOT control. It’s just as important to recognize and accept that.

One example is other people’s thoughts and opinions.  

You cannot control how other people think and feel. Opinions have been forged over many years and countless experiences. Trying to change minds is very difficult, especially on social media platforms. Is trying to do so the best use of your energy?


The Takeaway

Take control of your own thoughts, actions and reactions.

Take care of yourself physically, with plenty of exercise, fresh foods, and quality sleep.

Stay aware of your stress levels and how you are reacting to certain situations or people. Avoid these people and situations if possible.

It is incredibly empowering to know YOU are in control of everything that is in YOUR hands.

Like all skills, it needs to be practiced and developed. But the payoff is huge. It can be amazingly helpful in difficult times.



November 9, 2016

Why Portion Size Matters

Meet one of my clients. I’ll call her Stacey because that’s not her real name. Her story may sound all too familiar.

44613178 - food pyramid isolated on white backgroundStacey tries hard. Maybe too hard. She works out and watches what she eats. She scans the web for the latest healthy recipes. She shops only at farmer’s markets and health food stores.

Stacey cooks with the finest EVOO and somehow finds the one or two  ripe avocados that you can actually eat that day! (Seriously, like 99% are rock hard.)

Unfortunately, there is a problem. Despite her hard work, Stacey isn’t seeing the results that she expected with her healthy eating. She is doing everything right. But she is frustrated. Stacey doesn’t like what she sees in the mirror, in the gym, or in her life.

Does this sound like you, even a little bit?

I feel Stacey’s pain. She was about where I was a year ago,  before my health crisis and hospital stint.

30070996 - collage of different vegetables like tomatoes, green pepper
With eight years experience as a chef in Boston, I certainly knew how to create healthy and delicious meals with fresh ingredients. So what was the deal? Why was I still carrying extra body fat? Why was I feeling sluggish and tired all the time?

There could have been many factors in play. But in retrospect, I think the key issue was portion size.

Like many people, I was just eating too much.

It doesn’t matter how “healthy” your foods are if you are taking in far too much of them. There simple but crucial balance of calories in versus calories burned will be way off target.

What to do? Here are some basic guidelines.


    • Proteins (chicken, fish, lean meats): one palm full per meal for women, two for men


    • Veggies (as colorful as you can get is best):  one closed fist-sized full for women, two for men


      • Carbs (sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa are best): one cupped handful for women, two for men


    • Fats (nuts, oils, avocados, nut butters): one thumb-sized option for women and two for men. And don’t demonize fat. There is such a thing as healthy fats. Benefits can include increased brain function, improved heart health, better skin and hair, and better body composition. But moderation in all things, por favor. More isn’t better. A gram of fat has more than double the calories of a gram of protein or carbohydrates.

      The Takeaway:
      Pay attention to portion size. Be hyper aware for a week or so. You may be surprised at how much food you are actually taking in. So track your food intake carefully, using an app like myfitnesspal.com


November 7, 2016

Why Choose Online Coaching

How would you like to  be back in full control of your health and fitness?

How would you like to look and feel better because you have a solid plan in place at last?

How would you like to be able to make healthy meal choices for you and your family?

Pretty awesome, right?

But can you really do all these things right now?  Do you have control?

Do you have a defined, customized plan that matches your goals?

Can you sort through all the nutritional information out there to determine what will work for you?

I’m Patrick Murphy and I can help you  get back QUALITY time your family. You’ll be able to play with your younger children or go on a hiking adventure with your spouse without feeling wrecked afterwards. So, let’s make the world a better place, starting with YOU!

What will you gain from working with me?

You’ll get motivation, support and accountability, but most of all: education. I do not want you to be my client for the rest of your life! And you won’t need to.

You’ll be empowered you to take control and care of your own health and fitness life. You’ll have a blueprint for success. To review, online coaching:
* Is more cost-effective than 1:1 in-person training
* allows schedule flexibility
* empowers you to take control of your health and fitness, once and for all
Which leaves only one question:

When are we getting started?

Why not today? Complete the form below and I’ll be in touch very quickly.

November 3, 2016

Patrick Murphy’s Welcome

I’m Patrick Murphy and I’d like to be your coach.

dsc_1477I have been through many of the same struggles you have. For over ten years I have been empowering people just like you to take back control of their overall health and wellness.

I have a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from the University of North Florida and I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

My specialty is sifting through all the information that is out there to determine what will work best for YOU.

I’ll customize an effective program that is easy to digest and really works.

What is online coaching?
Online coaching is a valuable tool that allows me that allow me to reach many more people than I could ever reach here in my adopted hometown of Jacksonville, Florida, a sleepy little beach town with a drinking problem.

There are many benefits.

1) Cost. Training with me in person is $75 per hour. Train with me even the bare minimum of twice a week and we are talking $600 a month. Three times a week and we are getting close to $1000 per month. That’s a lot of freaking money! For much less than half the price you can invest in yourself by purchasing my top online package: a full month of custom workouts, nutritional consultations,weekly Skype calls, in addition to text and email support.

2) Time management. There are only a certain amount of 6:00am time slots available to my in-person clients. 5:30 pm? Yep, the same thing. Wouldn’t it be much easier, with your family life and job schedule, if you chose when you to exercise? Why not work out when you have the time, not when your trainer’s schedule dictates. Another time benefit: you won’t have to call me to cancel at the last minute because little Billy is sick and the session is lost.

3) Expertise. Not to be immodest, but I happen to know more and get better results than that 20-year-old trainer at franchise gym.

But don’t don’t just take my word for it. Ask my clients.

Rebecca, 40, Veterinarian

“Pat is incredibly knowledgable, enthusiastic and compassionate. He tailors the workouts to best suit my needs, while providing variation to keep me motivated. I feel that I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to Pat’s expertise and dedication.”

Michael Batten, President, Language Services LLC.


“My muscle strength, flexibility and body mass index have improved significantly. Pat’s training is always creative and never boring. I highly recommend Pat.”


Jennifer, 33, Business Owner

“Pat made my ass look tight from doing a million squats. I look better now than I did when I was 21 because of Pat.”

May I offer to do for you what I have done for these clients?

I have trained everyone from college and pro athletes to older rehab patients coming back from hip or knee surgery, and I still do so.

But my top passion is helping busy professional moms who struggle to find the balance between work and family. They want to excel in the workplace and family life, while seeking that special place where they can become their best selves.

You will get back QUALITY time your family. You’ll be able to play with your younger children or go on a hiking adventure with your spouse without feeling wrecked afterwards. So, let’s make the world a better place, starting with YOU!

What will you gain from working with me?

You’ll get motivation, support and accountability, but most of all: education. I do not want you to be my client for the rest of your life! And you won’t need to.

You’ll be empowered you to take control and care of your own health and fitness life. You’ll have a blueprint for success. To review, online coaching:
* Is more cost-effective than 1:1 in-person training
* allows schedule flexibility
* empowers you to take control of your health and fitness, once and for all
Which leaves only one question:

When are we getting started?

Why not today? Complete the form below and I’ll be in touch very quickly.