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April 23, 2017

#Justthetip Top 10 Life (fitness, nutrition, mindset) Reads for 4/23

#Justthetip Top 10 life (Including fitness, nutrition, mental health)  Articles for 4/23


1) Leading off this week with something a little different. Love him (I do) or hate him (so sorry), Coach Bill Belichick may go down as the best coach in football and one of the greatest leaders ever. This interview shows how he created this mindset and maybe another side of the hoodie that you didn’t know.



2) Can one of the most common, yet debilitating, mental conditions today be cured with your diet? Precision Nutrition gives you some insight.


3) Tony Gentilcore’s wish for female fitness is to stop thinking “less”


4) Make the morning your’s and have a better day because of it.


5) I can’t think of anyone that hasn’t, at some point, had to deal with lower back pain. The good doctor helps us strengthen the lower back to reduce pain.


6) This just in!! Kettlebells kick ass!!!


7) Everyone falls into the trap of occasionally overeating, like a lot overeating. Find out why this happens and gain some valuable tips on how to control these urges.


8) Who doesn’t like strong legs and tight glutes??? Master the lunge and its variations to get the wheels you are looking for with Nick Tumminelo


9) Back injuries are the most common physical problem I see on a daily basis. Here is a great article on how to deal with your specific issue.


10) Interested in learning more about high fat diets and if they really work? Check out this excellent, detailed read. Graphs are included, you’ve been warned.





April 9, 2017

#Justthetip Fitness Tips Top 10 Reads for 4/9

       I’ve had a busy, but wonderful, week with family visiting but wanted to make sure there was some great reading for everyone. This week’s topics include everything from bodyweight workouts and low carb diets, to deeper conversations about children’s health and depression. So before you settle in for Masters Sunday (if that’s your thing) or just a Sunday with the family, dig into some good knowledge.


  1. Can you help yourself out of a dark depression with your food choices? Precision Nutrition discusses this question.
  2. Many women still have apprehension and fears about strength training, Meg Julian via Tony Gentilcore talks about overcoming some of these hurdles.
  3. I’ll be honest, I cringe when people tell me they want to tone an area or body part, so I was thrilled when I read this article from Dr John Rusin about what toned really means and how to get the effect you are looking for.
  4. Short on equipment? Tanner Baze has you covered with a solid bodyweight workout.
  5. Had to double up on Dr John Rusin this week, as the good doctor shares why low carb diets aren’t sustainable over the long term.
  6. Ben Johnson wants you to listen to your body. And be like R.Kelly ….but not like that.
  7. Dani Shugart doesn’t want you to listen to her, myself or any coach. Listen to yourself and your own body. Be your own boss.
  8. From the CBC News, those Canadians have an idea I’d love to see implemented in U.S. School systems.
  9. Travel a bunch? Worried about maintaining fat loss? Bryan Krahn has you covered on the road.
  10. Chris Tutela shares a concept I wish many more high school coaches would adopt. Let’s build our athletes with the basics before going into “sports-specific” movements.


April 2, 2017

#Justthetip Top 10 Fitness Reads for the week of 4/2

  1. Ever see that roller thing in the corner of the gym? Tony Gentilcore will show us what to do with it and how it helps
  2. Interesting findings by the FDA, if you choose to use supplements use great caution in where you purchase them.
  3. Short on time? Precision Nutrition has a workout for you.
  4. Ben Johnson wants the judging of others to stop. Now.
  5. The kneeling push-up is NOT a good regression of the push-up and Dr John Rusin tells us why.
  6. Dr Spencer Nadalsky debunks a theory that some foods are actually addictive, and what might be the culprits
  7. Franziska spritzler shares 7 common weight loss ideas that don’t work and some that are downright dangerous.
  8. Joy Victoria, GGS, Shows us the differences in Hypertrophy and Strength training and how it differs for men and women.
  9. Marc Halpern, Breaking muscle, gives us some concepts to get in order before you start your weight loss journey.
  10. Kyle Barichello shows us how a flawed mindset can hold you back from achieving what you want.


March 26, 2017

#Murphyfitness Top 10 Articles for the week of 3/26

After a three week hiatus (YIKES!) due to general insanity, I thankfully return and give you my top 10 reads for the week of 3/26!!
Nutrition, Training, Travelling…..it is all covered here. So sit back, refill your coffee mug and get nerdy with me!


1) Looking at both sides of the calorie counting coin with Charles Staley



2) Do your training sessions leave you closer to death than stronger? Meghan Callaway tells us how that might be crippling our results.


3) Brad Borland simplifies nutrition for beginners who might be overthinking the subject.


4) Are your weekends ruining the hard work you’ve put in all week? Dr Spencer Nadolsky says maybe.



5) The unicorn ninja master Mark Fisher, keeps us on our game even when we are on the road.



6) Please, dear lord, read this article by Andy Van Grisven and realize that there are much better options than burpees for fat loss, like much.



7) This interesting video from Joe Arko shows us how our phones can affect our bodies



8) Meal prep infographic, Precision Nutrition has us covered.



9) Precision Nutrition gives us a great article on healthy movement and how it changes our bodies and minds. Movement as a term, might not be what you think.



10) Nia Shanks sets the record straight on common mistakes women are making when strength training.



February 26, 2017

#Justthetip Top ten Fitness Articles for the week of 2/26

This weeks articles focus on changing how we think about exercise and food,debunking some widely popular myths and some great glute training, of course. Enjoy!

  1. Jen Comas helps us get out of a rut and embracing risk
  2. Krista Scott-Dixon works to replace exercise in our language with some better options
  3. Who does love cinnamon, I prefer mind on icing covered buns, don’t judge. Precision Nutrition with all things cinnamon
  4. Ben Johnson is officially my spirit animal. “Food is a friend, not an enemy. It’s meant to be enjoyed, not feared.”
  5. Dr Laura Miranda from Girls Gone Strong gives us some killer glute exercises that won’t kill your back.
  6. Karina Inkster helps crush a term I absolutely can’t stand. Let’s all get rid of this phrase that demonizes the food we eat.
  7. Luke Briggs, via Dr John Rusin, dispels 5 common training myths for women.
  8. Bryan Krahn gives us the downlow on false facts regarding fat loss
  9. Dan trink breaks the truth to us and , even though training doesn’t feel good, gives some options to help with the pain
  10. Jordan Syatt give us a must watch video on one of the biggest money stealing schemes in the fitness industry, The Cleanse.


February 19, 2017

#Justthetip Top 10 Fitness Reads for the week of 2/19

 Time to get your inner fitness nerd on and get reading!!! This weeks articles cover everything from coffee and chia seeds to glutes and deadlifts, with some real thoughts on self-love and mental health. Dig in and read up!


1) Krista Scott-dixon with the best read of the week, without a doubt

2) Tony gentilcore with my favorite squat and some variations on it…..goblet squat away!

3) Benjamin Mathews Johnson is quickly earning a weekly spot in my list. This dude is crazy smart, and says the things we need to hear. This article on mental health is revealing and absolutely spot on.

4) Heard of Chia Seeds? Don’t really know what the f*ck they are or why they are awesome? Precision Nutrition to the rescue.

5) I have recently been reintroduced to these, simply because I didn’t have a trap bar available for the longest time, and I thought “Bah! I barbell deadlift, that is plenty”….Needless to say my lower half had some different things to say about that. Do these, as taught by Greg Nuckols.

6) If there is an article out there on coffee, I will find it. In this read Mitch Calvert gives us the reasoning why coffee might pose health risks to some of us. Not me. I hope. But some of us.

7) Amber leonard with a great article for all my endurance training friends, and it’s a great follow-up to my running article last week. Get strong, run betterer.

8) Nick Smoot tells us how to simplify fat loss, and why we need to stop being so smart!

9) A question I get often, what do I eat before/during/after exercise. Enter Precision Nutrition with the answer and sick infographics.

10) Want your glutes tighter? Hit this lil workout by Bret Contreras. Have fun going to the bathroom tomorrow.



February 12, 2017

#Justthetip Fitness Tips, Top 10 reads of the week!

                                   #Justthetip Top 10 reads of the week!!!

Grab a cup of coffee, or two, and get ready to get your brain loaded with awesome insight from some of the best in the fitness world!

  1. Benjamin Matthews Johnson gives us 3 simple steps to eating what we want.
  2. Here Laura Schoenfeld (via GirlsGoneStrong) shows us how to get fat loss moving after we have hit a plateau.
  3. Brian Grasso & Carrie Campbell help us stop with the procrastinating, and it’s a video so you don’t even have to give the effort to read.
  4. The legendary Greg Justice gives us a quick thought on balance within our emotions and life.
    https://gregjustice.com/let-positive-and-negative-feelings-co-exist/  and here is a quick link to Hugh Mackay’s Book – “The Good Life” , if you are interested…..
  5. Precision Nutrition talks about good stress, bad stress and in the process dominates the infographic game, check it out.
  6. Nia Shanks crushing it again with some great advice for my ladies over 40 about strength training, which is a super important time to be training.
  7. Have you ever seen someone in the gym doing a crazy balancing exercise on a BOSU? While their intentions were good, there is a better way to train for stability and Megan Callaway (via Dr John Rusin) shows us how.
  8. The dude, Eric Bach, provides a massive amount of information and knowledge in his top ten fat loss secrets. Be ready to absorb a ton of fat loss know how.
  9. Another legend makes the list this week, as Charles Staley helps us clear up the differences between what we think matters and what actually does matter.
  10. While I feel that everyone can benefit from hiring a personal trainer at some point in their training lifespan, Brad Borland goes over 6 important signs that maybe you have hired the wrong trainer.


That’s the list for this week! I hope you enjoy the reading and if there is anything you would like to learn more about, please feel free to drop me a comment, text or email and I will be happy to research for you!


February 5, 2017

Best Reads of the Week, for 2/5/17

#Justthetip Fitness Tips, Best Reads of the week

Superbowl Sunday is here!!! So everything must be SUPER! Including my Best Reads list….

I decided that 3 little articles weren’t enough for you. I want to get as much quality information to you as possible, so the list has grown! 10 Articles each week!!! Trying to contain my excitement over here! Let’s dig into this weeks list.

1) Dr John Rusin gives us plenty of variations for loaded carries. This ties in with my movement video series that I posted last week.


2) Emily ledford tells us what “toned” really means and how you can get the look you want.


3) Here Bret Contreras dispels some common myths about training the glutes. Get that booty tight!


4) Considering it IS Superbowl Sunday, Let’s learn from Precision Nutrition about everyone’s favorite fat, the avocado


5) Elsbeth Vaino and the ladies at Girls Gone Strong give us 7 great core exercises to help strengthen your core for running, if you are getting ready for a 5k or your first big run or maybe the Gate River Run, fit these into your program

6) Jack Purdom does some basic math for us, not that new crazy math, and helps us simplify fat loss.

7) When trying to lose weight/get healthy/do something outside our norm, family and friends can be an amazing support system……and they can also be the biggest hurdle. This article by Georgie Fear gives us an idea of how to get them on your side.

8) Kourtney Thomas (via Tony Gentilcore) gives some insight as to why less is sometimes NOT more in women’s strength training.


9) Dean Somerset on why weight loss isn’t a race. If you have been on a weight loss plan for a few weeks, a few months or even a few years, go over this article and realize you are still on track.

10) Watch this……


That’s all for this week guys! Look for this week’s video series with #Justthetip, I will be covering all things pushing!! Get excited!!!

January 23, 2017

***Top 3 Fitness Articles for the week of 1/22/2017***


Sorry for the late post my friends….Championship Sunday got me like…..well you know. So without further ado…

Think cardio is just for fat loss?? John Rusin shows us how certain forms of cardio can help build lean muscle.


Next up, Krista Scott-Dixon gives us the one question you need to be asking yourself. Are you asking it?


Finally, Amy Dix helps debunk a super nutritional buzz word…..see what I did there? Ha!


Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

January 16, 2017

Top 3 Fitness articles for the week of 1/15/2017

Here are this weeks articles!
First, we have another great one from Nia Shanks – Lift Like a Girl, as she gives us 10 reasons why every woman should be strength training (Spoiler alert!! They probably aren’t what you think.)


Next up, its Lee Boyce dispelling some myths and showing how the deadlift can solve some very specific female postural issues.


Finally, Mike Zimmerman (via Born Fitness) gives us a glimpse into a somewhat taboo, unaddressed issue of male eating disorders and their place in athletics.


Enjoy the reading!!

As always please feel free to ask questions, give feedback and let me know what you want to hear about next week!!!!