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    ***Why everyone needs coaching***

    March 10, 2017

March 10, 2017

***Why everyone needs coaching***

Everyone, at some point in their lives, can benefit greatly from working with a professional coach. You may be stuck in a rut in your career, need a different set of eyes in the gym, or be at a turning point in your life and need some guidance. It doesn’t matter the situation, a great coach can help. Recently, people have expressed some surprise when I told them I had hired a coach, even though this wasn’t the first time, which kind of took me back.


“Why WOULDN’T I use a coach? I have some of the same roadblocks and issues as everyone else!”


Curious, I started looking at the real reasons someone would hire a coach and there are 3 fundamental keys that an experienced, professional coach can bring to the table.


The first is the most obvious and the one that is mentioned the most.
Accountability– The knowledge that someone has scheduled a time to meet with you, or is going to call you asking if you got a task completed, or just send a text seeing how you are doing, can move mountains for most people. This alone can be worth the cost of any coaching. While I won’t deny the importance of this point, I think it is clear to everyone so let’s move on, shall we.



The second is what I will label Freedom-
Let’s face it, you are busy and have a ton of shit to worry about, the kids,work, did the dog piss on the rug? So here is a tip, find a coach you trust and who aligns with your goals and thinking and let them to do their job. Personally, it is my job to worry about the health and wellness of others all day, so it is refreshing for me to put that responsibility of my fitness into someone else’s hands. I don’t have to worry about my workouts or my nutrition, just stick to the plan and trust the process.
Now not everyone thinks like this or functions like this but this is a very liberating act in itself.


The third reason, we’ll just call it Leaving the comfort zone, really resonates with me.
A coach will make you do the shit you don’t want to do, but probably need the most and will see the most benefit from. The biggest feedback from people when they hear I have a coach is, “Why do you need a coach? You can do all this stuff, you can design programs, you’ve been doing this over a decade, how are they going to help? Excellent question, and the answer is simple.
When I design programs for myself, it’s filled with stuff I like to do, not the stuff I probably need the most. The coach will have the bigger picture in mind, and not only help you see it, but help you get there in the shortest amount of time. Shorten the learning curve.The biggest ROI.

So what do you think? What would be a reason YOU would hire a coach or mentor? What would you look to gain from working with a coach? Is it physical? Career related?

A quick shout to my coaches, On the business side Eric Bach and Daniel Freedman. If you are starting or have started an online fitness business, these are the guys to take you to the next level. And they are patient, super patient…but I may have used all of it up.


On the Strength/lifting heavy shit/looking good naked side, Joey Percia, who is currently helping this old dude get rid of his dad bod, and get my head right. It’s a process, trust the process.


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