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    #Justthetip Top 10 Fitness Reads for the week of 2/19

    February 19, 2017

February 19, 2017

#Justthetip Top 10 Fitness Reads for the week of 2/19

 Time to get your inner fitness nerd on and get reading!!! This weeks articles cover everything from coffee and chia seeds to glutes and deadlifts, with some real thoughts on self-love and mental health. Dig in and read up!


1) Krista Scott-dixon with the best read of the week, without a doubt

2) Tony gentilcore with my favorite squat and some variations on it…..goblet squat away!

3) Benjamin Mathews Johnson is quickly earning a weekly spot in my list. This dude is crazy smart, and says the things we need to hear. This article on mental health is revealing and absolutely spot on.

4) Heard of Chia Seeds? Don’t really know what the f*ck they are or why they are awesome? Precision Nutrition to the rescue.

5) I have recently been reintroduced to these, simply because I didn’t have a trap bar available for the longest time, and I thought “Bah! I barbell deadlift, that is plenty”….Needless to say my lower half had some different things to say about that. Do these, as taught by Greg Nuckols.

6) If there is an article out there on coffee, I will find it. In this read Mitch Calvert gives us the reasoning why coffee might pose health risks to some of us. Not me. I hope. But some of us.

7) Amber leonard with a great article for all my endurance training friends, and it’s a great follow-up to my running article last week. Get strong, run betterer.

8) Nick Smoot tells us how to simplify fat loss, and why we need to stop being so smart!

9) A question I get often, what do I eat before/during/after exercise. Enter Precision Nutrition with the answer and sick infographics.

10) Want your glutes tighter? Hit this lil workout by Bret Contreras. Have fun going to the bathroom tomorrow.




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