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    #Justthetip Top 10 Life (fitness, nutrition, mindset) Reads for 4/23

    April 23, 2017

April 23, 2017

#Justthetip Top 10 Life (fitness, nutrition, mindset) Reads for 4/23

#Justthetip Top 10 life (Including fitness, nutrition, mental health)  Articles for 4/23


1) Leading off this week with something a little different. Love him (I do) or hate him (so sorry), Coach Bill Belichick may go down as the best coach in football and one of the greatest leaders ever. This interview shows how he created this mindset and maybe another side of the hoodie that you didn’t know.



2) Can one of the most common, yet debilitating, mental conditions today be cured with your diet? Precision Nutrition gives you some insight.


3) Tony Gentilcore’s wish for female fitness is to stop thinking “less”


4) Make the morning your’s and have a better day because of it.


5) I can’t think of anyone that hasn’t, at some point, had to deal with lower back pain. The good doctor helps us strengthen the lower back to reduce pain.


6) This just in!! Kettlebells kick ass!!!


7) Everyone falls into the trap of occasionally overeating, like a lot overeating. Find out why this happens and gain some valuable tips on how to control these urges.


8) Who doesn’t like strong legs and tight glutes??? Master the lunge and its variations to get the wheels you are looking for with Nick Tumminelo


9) Back injuries are the most common physical problem I see on a daily basis. Here is a great article on how to deal with your specific issue.


10) Interested in learning more about high fat diets and if they really work? Check out this excellent, detailed read. Graphs are included, you’ve been warned.






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