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Mindest is the biggest, yet least discussed, roadblock to truly unlocking your full health and fitness potential. 

That’s right: the biggest obstacle may be between your ears. Your mindset and attitude towards your fitness lifestyle are a bigger determining factor than you may realize.

Consider these questions:

(1) Do you think of your workouts as “torture”?

(2) Is a cookie or sweet dessert a “reward” for working hard in the gym?

(3) Do you get overly upset when you miss a workout because life had a surprise in store for you that day?

This type of attitude might be impeding your progress more than your willing to admit. Cultivating positive feelings and emotions around your training and eating will create true motivation and lasting dedication.

mindsetAll this is easier said than done. But some seemingly small “mind hacks” can be incredibly powerful.

These mind hacks will help you align your actions with your goals and desires. And that’s the secret to lasting success. 

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