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    #Murphyfitness Top 10 Articles for the week of 3/26

    March 26, 2017

March 26, 2017

#Murphyfitness Top 10 Articles for the week of 3/26

After a three week hiatus (YIKES!) due to general insanity, I thankfully return and give you my top 10 reads for the week of 3/26!!
Nutrition, Training, Travelling…..it is all covered here. So sit back, refill your coffee mug and get nerdy with me!


1) Looking at both sides of the calorie counting coin with Charles Staley



2) Do your training sessions leave you closer to death than stronger? Meghan Callaway tells us how that might be crippling our results.


3) Brad Borland simplifies nutrition for beginners who might be overthinking the subject.


4) Are your weekends ruining the hard work you’ve put in all week? Dr Spencer Nadolsky says maybe.



5) The unicorn ninja master Mark Fisher, keeps us on our game even when we are on the road.



6) Please, dear lord, read this article by Andy Van Grisven and realize that there are much better options than burpees for fat loss, like much.



7) This interesting video from Joe Arko shows us how our phones can affect our bodies



8) Meal prep infographic, Precision Nutrition has us covered.



9) Precision Nutrition gives us a great article on healthy movement and how it changes our bodies and minds. Movement as a term, might not be what you think.



10) Nia Shanks sets the record straight on common mistakes women are making when strength training.




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