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Nutrition is a vital piece of your overall health and wellness, in addition to your athletic performance.

It can also be a very frustrating portion of your training program. All your great efforts in the gym could be undermined by nutrition that isn’t up to par.

mindset-2So how do you know what is right for you and will lead you to your best results? It all starts with a solid foundation of education. You’ll learn to use your head to distinguish fact from fiction.

Next up: determining  what YOU specifically need. Nutrition is incredibly individual.

Just because your girlfriend from work lost ten pounds doing a version of low carbohydrate dieting, does not necessarily make it right for you.

(And it  also doesn’t mean that she won’t gain the weight back when she returns to a “normal” diet.)

A much better approach is to learn how to eat healthier all the time.

You’ll learn to think less about “dieting”  and more about key concepts like portion size and food content.

You will also learn how to:
*   stop floating from fad diet to fad diet
*  eat what you want when you want
*  make a concept called “flexible dieting” work for you
*  change your eating habits once and for all
*  how to share all this with your family and help them live happier and healthier lives

It all adds up to becoming the best possible version of you.